2017 – Other Stuff

4 February 2018

Rounding out, more or less, things left over from last year, here is a brief summary of other things that occurred in my not-very-exciting life in 2017.  I really spend most of my time sitting in this room looking at this screen with fingers on this keyboard, doing stuff that is somewhat creative, but I do get out from time to time.  For example:

Murdoch in February

In February I was in Perth working for a few days on the fanzine collection at Murdoch University which is, by the way, where I did my PhD.  While there I participated in a session put on by the university library to promote its science fiction collection  which included a question and answer session.  Here I am with Grant Stone and Jessie Lymn during the session.

Aviation Culture

In April I was in Sydney for the third in the Aviation Cultures series.  It was as interesting as the previous one with  people talking on interesting aviation related topics.  I talked on ‘Making Air Travel Ubiquitous in Australia’ .  Here’s me pointing at something with one of the conference organizers, Peter Hobbins, making sure I don’t run over time.

Stability in Flight

Also in April we – BHS Publishing and I – published the second volume of my three volume history of Australian civil aviation in the Twentieth Century.  It is available as an ebook from the BHS website and I will put up a link for that in a day or two.  In the meantime we printed some dvds of the text and I gave out some copies at the Aviation Cultures conference.

In June I spent a day at the Australian National SF Convention in Melbourne where I moderated a panel discussion on Australian fandom in the 1950s.  I’ve already posted about that separately with a link to the audio recording of the session.

In July I spent a week in hospital, most of it in the Intensive and Coronary Care Unit with a big blood clot in my lungs.  No pictures and not much fun.


In October I spent three days in the Special Collection at the Fisher Library of the University of Sydney going through their collection of old Australian fanzines.  Apart from coming across many gems this was more hard work than enjoyment, but that’s the life of a historian doing field work for you.  I also spent a day with a Sydney fan from the 1950s, Doug Nicholson.

Monash in December

In December I spent a day in the Special Collection in the Monash University Library in Melbourne looking through boxes of John Foyster papers, among other things.  I’ve been there several times during the year for research but this time I also participated in a session put on to promote the fanzine collection at Monash in which I gave a talk and then participated in a question and answer session with Sean McMullen and Bruce Gillespie.  Here is me pointing at something and the back of Bruce’s head.

That’s enough excitement for one year, I think.

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