2018 – Models for November to January 2019

February 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to put photos of some of my most recent models here, so now it’s time to catch up. For some reason not clear to me they are almost all in 1/144 scale.

Let’s start with the Anigrand kit of the Nakajima G5N2, a fully resin kit which means it’s somewhat more challenging than your ordinary polystyrene injection moulded kit. This was, so I read, a Japanese adaption of the Douglas DC-4E which was too big for American airlines to be interested in, so it went to Japan where it was used as the basis for a design of a heavy bomber. One of these days I will put this along a similarly scaled Boeing B-17 and I’m sure they G5N will dwarf the B-17. It was not a success, only a handful were made and they were used to carry cargo.

G5N2 a
G5N2 b

Anigrand 1/144 kits come with three ‘bonus’ kits, usually of subjects related in some way to the big kit. In this case only two of these tiny models survived because our cats made off with a major component of the third and my modelling skills are not sufficient to make a replacement, so it had to go in the bin. There are kits of the two surviving models available in 1/72 and I’d recommend making those if you want to end up with something that looks a bit more than alright.

Aichi E16A

E16A a
E16A b

Kawasaki Ki-78

Ki78 a
Ki78 b

Next is a couple of Fokkers. The Fokker F-27-500 is the Eastern Express kit which is, I think, marginally better than the Welsh Models kit of the F-27-500. Decals are by Hawkeye but in the decal sheet the bands down the sides of the fuselage are a few millimeters shorter than they need to be for the Eastern Express kit. This caused only a slight problem and Hawkeye sent me some more decals to solve the problem when I mentioned it.

F-27 a
F-27 b

Both Welsh Models and Eastern Express make a kit of the Fokker 50, the follow-up to the F-27 and looking remarkably like it. I chose the Eastern Express kit because the detailing is slightly better than on the Welsh Models kit but the Southern Skies decals for a Skywest Fokker 50 were designed – as I later found out – for the Welsh Models kit, which caused no end of grief when it came to trying to fit the decals. This, and the fact that I misplaced the decal sheet, caused all kinds of trouble in getting this model finished.

Fokker 50 a
Fokker 50 b

F-Rsin make a very extensive range of resin kits of airliners you’ve never heard of, most of them French. (They also make some injection moulded kits about which I chose to say very little.) This Potez 621 is a delicate little piece of resin moulding in only a few parts, and the ribbing on the wings and fuselage means it has to be assembled with a minimum of handling to preserve the detail. The decal sheet comes with blue side panels for the fuselage but they are very translucent so it is best to paint them on instead. This causes some other difficulties, but they are not impossible to overcome.

Potez 621 a
Potez 621 b

I’ve been badgering Peter of Hawkeye decals for a long time for some decals for an IPEC Armstrong Whitworth Argosy. Just after Christmas he sent me a proof set of the decals and instructions which I’ve now used. The decal set is excellent and well researched and will be available in 1/144, and 1/72 for the new Mach 2 kit. I had the option of making this 1/144 Argosy using either the Welsh Models or the Mikro-Mir kits and I chose the Welsh Models kit because the other kit seemed over engineered to me and I thought the Welsh Models kit would be easier to make. This was partly true, but I’m not sure that I made the right decision. I’m also fairly certain that the yellow I chose for this model is too deep in shade, though you can never be sure unless you have a look at the real thing, and there are none of them left.

Argosy a
Argosy b

Moving up to the larger scale 1/72, here’s the Fujimi Aichi D3A2 using Rising Sun decals. It is a fairly straight forward kit to make but I am not a great fan of acrylic paints so I’m not happy with the final appearance of this model. Hopefully the new Taimya range of lacquers will have some good IJA and IJN colours that I can use if I ever get the urge to make more Japanese aircraft of the Pacific War era.

D3A2 a
D3A2 b

Here are some other models that I made earlier and took to this month’s club meeting:

Real Space 1/144 Long March 2F Shenzhou

Long March a

RPM 1/72 Hotichkiss H39

Hotchkiss H39 b
Hotchkiss H39

Sparrow Castings 1/72 Renault R40

Renault R40 a
Renault R40 b

Trumpeter 1/72 BAC Lightning F2A of 19 Squadron RAF

Lightning F2A a
Lightning F2A b

Leigh Edmonds little box of stuff

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