2018 – Models for September

September 2018

Here’s some more models I put on the display table at the September Modellers of Ballarat meeting.

The biggest was this Minicraft 1/144 Douglas DC-8-52 in the colours of Air New Zealand in the 1960s. This is shortened from the Minicraft DC-8-71 kit with some nice Contrails JT3D engines and Vintage Flyer decals.

DC-8 b
DC-8 a

Going down in size is this Airfix 1/144 Boeing 737-200, F-GGVP, which was flown by L’ Aeropostale around 1994. The decals came from Flightpath but were very fragile and would have cause grey hair if I didn’t already have that.

737-200 b
737-200 a

Smaller again is this Doyusha 1/144 Fokker F-27-200 looking something like the F-27s that MacRobertson Miller Airline flew in Western Australia in the 1960s.

F27 MMA b
F27 MMA a

Moving up to 1/72, we have the ancient Matchbox Aerospatiale SA365N Dauphin 2, one of those multi coloured kits they made. Add some S+M decals, a lot of yellow paint and you end up with something resembling G-HEMS that flew for the British Helicopter Emergency Medical Services in the London area in the 1990s.

Dauphin b
Dauphin a

And now a couple of little French AFVs. First the Ace 1/72 Panhard M3 as it appeared in the service of the Spanish Marine Corps in 1997.


Finally, the Ace 1/72 ERC-90 F4 operated by the French Army in Bosnia in 1994.


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