Models from February 2018

Somehow or another I seem to be keeping busy at the moment, mainly working on a new book on Australia’s civil aviation history.  I’ll try to put the address from which the two previous volumes are available here real soon now.

In the meantime, here are the model aeroplanes I completed in February:

The one I’m happiest with is this Williams Brothers 1/72 Boeing 247.  It was made more or less straight out of the box with the only significant problem being the cockpit windows.  I used the kit decals which were nice and thin but a bit delicate.  Trying to find specific information about the finish was difficult but it seems to have been some kind of anodized aluminium that changes colour tone depending on the angle you view it.  I tried to achieve this effect with a combination of Tamiya AS-12, some mid tone grey and a little TS-13 clear gloss to give it a bit of a sheen.  It doesn’t look too bad.

Boeing 247 aBoeing 247 b

Next is an Anigrand 1/144 Boeing B-17C.  I prefer the look of this early model B-17 to later ones and this is the only kit of it that I know of in 1/144.  It is not an easy kit to make but painting it in camouflage grey and drab olive hides many of the problems with the kit.

B-17C a

B-17C b

Anigrand give you three ‘bonus’ kits in their 1/144 kit so here are two of the three bonus kits that came with the B-17, neither terribly good but not a total waste of time since I don’t know of any other kits of these aeroplanes in 1/144.  They are the Ryan FR-1 and the Beech UC-43.

Finally, a Heller 1/72 Aerospatiale SA.319 Alouette III.  The marking came out of the box – a change for me – and I was quite happy with this until I took off the masking from the cabin transparent parts.  I don’t know what happened to fog up the windows though I’m sure it’s not superglue fogging.  In any event, if you ignore that major flaw it doesn’t look too bad.

Alouette aAlouette b



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