Behind the Front of Australia’s Air War in the Pacific

In the late 1980s I received a Grant-in-Aid from the Australian War Memorial to research and write a history of the Royal Australian Air Force during the Pacific War from the perspective of the organization and arrangement of operations, not the operations themselves.  I completed this project around the end of 1993 and sent the manuscript off to the AWM.  It has disappeared into the mists of time and somewhere along the way I lost my copy of the manuscript too.

The other day I was fossicking around in some old computer files and came across an archived copy of the text.  I don’t know whether or not this is the final version from 1993, but it’s fairly interesting if you are interested in this kind of thing.

There should be some maps and diagrams with this but I don’t have them at the moment (getting them will involve a trip to Canberra) so here is the text of the history alone.


Chapter 1 The Bigger Picture

Chapter 2 Limits to Growth

Chapter 3 Structure of the Air Force

Chapter 4 Winning Forms

Chapter 5 Information Flows

Chapter 6 Services on the Ground

Chapter 7 Training for Service

Chapter 8 Cogs in the System

Chapter 9 Friction and Dissensions

Appendix 1 Types of Units in the RAAF 1944

Appendix 2 RAAF Catering Manual



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