Models for October 2018

Here are some photos of the models I took along to our local model club meeting last night.  Four are new, the other two were ones I made about a decade ago.

This is the old Airfix 1/144 Boeing 737-200, a kit that has been around since the late 1960s and certainly feels like it when it comes time to put it together.  Still, with some nice Tamiya rattle can lacquer and Oldmodels decals it comes up alright.  This represents one of New Zealand’s National Airways Corporations 737-200s in the early 1970s.

737 NAC b737 NAC a

Another kit that seems old, but dates from around 2000, is the Doyusha 1/144 Fokker F-27-200.  This is the fourth and final in the series of F-27-200s flown by Australian regional airlines that I’ve made in the past few months.  Again, some Tamiya rattle can lacquer and nice Hawkeye decals make this into quite a nice little model.

F27 NAC aF27 NAC b

On to less civilized aeroplanes, here’s three models of Japanese aeroplanes from the time of the Pacific War.  The first is the Hasegawa 1/72 Kawasaki H8K2, the old kit rather than the new one, that I made about ten years ago.

H8K2 bH8K2 a

Next, a couple of Fujimi 1/72 kits that might well date from around the same time as the Hasegawa kit.  The Aichi B7A1 (Grace) which is yellow because it was one of the prototypes, and the Aichi D3A1 (Val) in the scheme of one of these dive bombers that took part in the attack on Pearl Harbour.

D3A1 bD3A1 a

B7A1 bB7A1 a

Finally, one of the 32 models of BAC Lightnings that I’ve made over the past decade.  This is one of an early Lightning F.1 that was used by 60 Maintenance Unit for a short period in 1967 which, incidentally, is the same year as the model of the Air New South Wales F-27 represents.  Must have been a good year.

Lightning bLightning a

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