(A version of this piece originally appeared in ANZAPA Mailing 316, August 2020) My life is remarkably unexciting, sometimes in an interesting way.  Take last Tuesday for example.           I count it as a good start to the day when I sleep in to 7am, so the day began well.  Other days I can be … More Tuesday

Hurrah for Bruce Gillespie, Lewis Morley and Stephanie Lai

Here are the Ditmar winners for 2018, announced last weekend at the national sf convention in Perth and lifted shamelessly from the Australian SF Foundation website. In my line of work these days I have little time to read fiction so I only read one novel and the first few paragraphs of a short story, … More Hurrah for Bruce Gillespie, Lewis Morley and Stephanie Lai

I go to the footy

I reckon it might be fifty years or more since I went to the MCG to watch a game of footy. Not that footy isn’t interesting, just that there were other more interesting things to do on the weekend during that time or we weren’t living in Melbourne or the Melbourne Football Club team was … More I go to the footy

Cat in a Box

As a rule our two cats, Tristan and Isolde, get on well together. They chase each other around the house for fun and cuddle up together on the bed, but there is one thing that causes war to break out between them. It is the old cardboard box behind my computer screen. Tristan believes it … More Cat in a Box

Birthday Cats

Our two cats, Tristan and Isolde, were born on 1 August last year.  Here are a couple of photos taken of them on their first birthday (not that they seemed to notice).