The Purpose

4 February 2018

The purpose of this site is two or three fold.  The first is a bit of shameless self promotion when the need arises.  The second is to publish photos of the scale models that I make.  The third is to do whatever else comes to mind.

I’ve had a previous attempt to make one of these things but lost it somewhere in the internet.  This time I hope to be a bit more serious, but getting used to this is going to take some time.  So let’s start with some photos of the models that I put out on the display table at our most recent club meeting.  We can go on from there as I poke around at this software and see how it works.

Su-15 b
Su-15 a
This is an old Pioneer 2 model that I made several years back using Metalizer.  While it gives a nice metallic finish it is delicate and hasn’t stood up to the wear and tear of being a model in my possession.
Ryan XF2R-1 b
Ryan XF2R-1 a
This an an Anigrand 1/144 kit that comes with a larger Anigrand 1/144 kit.  It is as accurate as can be expected in this scale and is a bit of effort to make look decent.
Northrop A-17 b
Northrop A-17 a
This is also another bonus Anigrand 1/144 kit and, like others of its kind, is fairly simple.  Painting these little kits can be a pain.  As I recall, this is mainly Tamiya AS-12 rattle can with a drab olive anti-dazzle panel in acrylic.
DC-6 b
DC-6 a
This is the Roden 1/144 kit with some Oldmodels decals.  It represents one of the DC-6s that was originally flown by British Commonwealth Pacific Airways on the Sydney and Aukland to San Francisco and Vancouver routes in the late 1940s and ended up with Tasman Empire Airways Limited when BCPA was wound up and the Sydney to North America route was taken over by Qantas Airways.
DC-1 b
DC-1 a
This was originally a CMR 1/144 Douglas DC-2 which I converted to a DC-1, mainly by shortening the fuselage by about 5mm and using part of the kit’s TWA decal set and making the rest myself.  There’s not much difference in appearance between the DC-1 and DC-2s at this scale, but it’s the concept that counts here.
Dassault Mirage IIID b
Dassault Mirage IIID a
I understand that High Planes have out, or will soon have, a nice injection molded Mirage IIID,  This is the old High Planes kit that I made a few years ago, and it is not an easy kit to make, which can be said for most of the older High Planes kits.  This is the nice and colorful ARDU scheme from the 1980s.
Bowlus XCG-7 b
Bowlus XCG-7 a
Here is another of those bonus Anigrand 1/144 kits.  The kit itself is fairly easy to assemble and paint.  The challenge is in finding out what the model represents and if it had not been for Google I would have been mystified.  I can’t say that I now know much more about this than what appears on my little placard.
Boeing 307 b
Boeing 307 a
This is one of my favorite airliners from the immediate pre-war period.  There are two options for this kit, the F-Rsin one which represents the Boeing 307 and the Anigrand kit which represents the Boeing C-75 which is what the military called it when it was in military service.  I made the Anigrand kit because it looked to be a slightly more detailed kit but filling in the excessively deep panel lines was a real chore and making the F-Rsin kit might have been the simpler option.
I’ve had this kit of the CT/4 for decades.  It looks very nice in the box but it is not a pleasure to build.  The kit has some lovely fine detail on the moldings but they all soon disappeared in the struggle to get the pieces in the box to look like a CT/4.  Even so, in this nice orange and white scheme it doesn’t look too bad.  I read somewhere, I think, that there is a more recent Kiwi kit, which might be a better bet than this one.
125-700 b
125-700 a
I hope that Welsh Models start making more of these little 1/144 corporate jets.  They are a little on the small size in this scale but go nicely with bigger airliners in this scale to create a set of modern day commercial aircraft.  This one was a little delight to make but I would have made life much easier for myself had I used to kit decals to make a RAF model, rather ending up with an approximation of an Australian registered one.

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