Trawling old Newszines

(April 2021, originally in ANZAPA 320)               For my sins – and they must have been serious infractions for me to be doing this – I’ve spent the past three or four weeks trawling the newszines that have been scanned and saved on the website.  There are an awful lot of them.               There … More Trawling old Newszines

Models for May 2021

The Airbus A320 production line continues and here is the latest model, the Zvezda 1/144 A.320 in the livery of Virgin Australia. It is the same airliner as the two A.320s I finished last month, registered VH-VNB and this time flown by Virgin Australia in 2019 after it took over ownership of TigerAir. Like most … More Models for May 2021

For Whom the Cash Register Rings – the origins of Australia’s ‘Two Airline Policy’

While rummaging around in the hidden recesses of my computer I came across this article that I put together in June 2001. It is about how the Australian civil aviation industry came to have what was called the ‘Two Airline Policy’ which controlled the development of Australian air transport for four decades from the beginning … More For Whom the Cash Register Rings – the origins of Australia’s ‘Two Airline Policy’

In The Box

‘On The Bench’ is the oldest and most enjoyable – for me – scale modelling podcast. I like the chat between other podcasts out there but I identify with the way in which the three Australians banter seems to me to convey the Australian character in a relaxed and friendly way. But that’s not why … More In The Box

Top Ten Tools

            When you listen to or watch any of the modelling podcasts or live streams one of the questions that comes up fairly often is about tools.  ‘What is your favourite tool’ or ‘what tools do you recommend for a starting modeller’, that sort of thing.             I hadn’t really thought about it much.  Over … More Top Ten Tools

Who Said Making Little Model Aeroplanes is Easy?

Modellers like to write about their successes and the great models they have made. But a modeller’s life is not always easy and fun. Here’s a tale of woe I wrote for my local model club to show the other side of model making. MASOCHIST CORNER October 2010             There’s something wrong with me, I’m … More Who Said Making Little Model Aeroplanes is Easy?