VAB in 1/72 by Heller

(December 2005)             The Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé (that could translate as Forward, Ahead of or Front Armoured Vehicle) was developed by Giat Industries and Renault Trucks to give the French Army a fast and mobile troop carrier.  It’s simple design and the use of a commercially produced engine made it relatively cheap and versatile.  … More VAB in 1/72 by Heller

Tupolev Tu-16 (Badger-A) in 1/72 by Trumpeter

(November 2005)             At the beginning of the Cold War the United States’ and the Soviet Union’s main long range bomber was the Boeing B-29 and its Russian copy, the Tu-4.  However, the development of the atomic bomb and the jet engine revolutionised the potential performance and striking power of strategic bombers and the Soviet … More Tupolev Tu-16 (Badger-A) in 1/72 by Trumpeter

Robin DR.315 Petit Prince in 1/72 by Dujin

(February 2006)             At the end of World War II the French government decided to develop light aviation in a big way, an action also taken by many other governments including Australia’s. As a first step the government purchased a large number of ex-war Tiger Moths and Magisters very cheaply that it passed on to … More Robin DR.315 Petit Prince in 1/72 by Dujin


(A version of this piece originally appeared in ANZAPA Mailing 316, August 2020) My life is remarkably unexciting, sometimes in an interesting way.  Take last Tuesday for example.           I count it as a good start to the day when I sleep in to 7am, so the day began well.  Other days I can be … More Tuesday