iOTA – issues 01 to 16

As part of the history of Australian sf fandom that I’m working on I have been publishing a small fanzine called iOTA containing reports on the progress of the project, some general thoughts on fandom past and present, reviews of old fanzines and reprints of various items previously published in Australian fanzines.

I put this project aside in early 2018 to undertake commissioned historical work but have recently been able to return to it and have published a new issue of iOTA in the past few days.  A couple of people have asked me about back copies of iOTA so I thought it might be convenient to put them here for general access.  I also have a small distribution list of people who I send iOTA to direct and issues can also be found on

Here are links to the previous 17 issues.  I’ll probably put any future issues of iOTA in as separate posts rather than including them here.

iOTA 01 December 2016

iOTA 02 January 2017

iOTA 03 February 2017

iOTA 04 March 2017

iOTA 05 April 2017

iOTA 06 May 2017

iOTA 07 June 2017

iOTA 08 July 2017

iOTA 09 August 2017

iOTA 10 September 2017

iOTA 11 October 2017

iOTA 12 November 2017

iOTA 13 December 2017

iOTA 14 January 2018

iOTA 15 February 2018

iOTA 16 March 2018

iOTA 17 June 2020

2 thoughts on “iOTA – issues 01 to 16

  1. Interesting timelines of Australian fandom. I know it’s not in your history’s scope but do you have a view as to when the Sixth Australian fandom ended?


  2. I don’t really know but my guess is that it would be a technological change. For example, I started using a computer to generate text about 1980 and started using photocopying around the same time. There’s also the divergence between media fandom and stf fandom which must have begun around this time. The other big change comes when we started using the interweb in the early 1990s. Not my problem, fortunately, but whoever invented PDF gets my vote of approval.


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