Fanzine Fandom as Oral Tradition

Here’s one which I probably write in 1995.  It was published in an American fanzine but the scan that I made of it some time later doesn’t tell me anything about which fanzine that might have been.

There are some interesting insights here about what fandom was like in the mid 1990s, a period when the interweb was just beginning to have an impact on the nature of fandom and how fans related to each other.  To a very large extent the result has been a radical reshaping of fandom as a culture so that many of the conclusions I’ve drawn here no longer apply.  On the other hand, my concluding comments that I would not attempt to write a history of fandom is interesting because 23 years later I find myself doing just that.  The reason for this change of mind is most likely because, now having a measure of financial security which I did not have in 1995, I can embark on such an adventure living mainly on egoboo.

(Having said that, I’ve had to put this history of fandom to one side for a while so that I can complete two other projects which are deadline sensitive.)

Fanzine fandom and oral tradition

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