Creating Airmindedness

Of late I’ve been busy working on the third volume of the history of Australian civil aviation in Australia and neglecting other things that need doing.  One is the process of putting some of my previous research here.

This one began as a paper I presented at an Australian Historical Association conference in Brisbane (maybe in 1991) to an audience of four.  On return to Murdoch University, where I was a PhD candidate at the time, I mention the thinking behind the paper to a friend who turned out to be one of the editors of the journal Continuum and he asked for a copy of the paper which was subsequently published there: Continuum, Vol 7 No 1, 1993, pp.183-206.

If I was prone to rewriting papers to put here this one would get a bit of work, but I’ll let it stand.  I should all, however, that since writing this I’ve come across the use of the word ‘airminded’ in a diary from about 1920, so the word was probably in limited circulation around that time.

Airmindedness – selling a new kind of technology to the Australian public

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