Launching civil aviation in Australia

(29 June 2021)

I was asked to give an address as part of the ceremony to mark the centenary of government administration of civil aviation in Australia which took place on Sunday 28 March 2021. Other speakers at the ceremony were Jason Harfield, CEO of Airservices Australia, Greg Hood, Chief Commissioner of the ATSB, David Peterson, Chief Aviation Advisor to the CEO of CASA and Professor Tracy Ireland of Canberra University who is leader of the Heritage of the Air project.
If you want to see the complete ceremony it is available on the Civil Aviation Historical Society and Aviation Cultures facebook pages. If you want to read my address it is available below as as PDF.

The event took place at Essendon Airport which also celebrates its centenary this year. The gathering was quite small due to Covid 19 but at least the success in Australia of containing the virus meant that the ceremony could be conducted in person. It was also included as part of the Aviation Cultures V conference that was conducted virtually. It was great to be able to get out of Ballarat again after over a year and to talk to real people in a real venue again.

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