Talking about the history of Australian SF Fandom

On Sunday 5th December I did a You Tube talk about the history of sf fandom in Australia based on the research that I’ve so far done on the topic. This one covers the period from around 1938 to 1960. Due to technical problems I could not make it to the recording for about the first ten minutes do Perry Middlemiss filled in explaining a historic background to Australian history. After that it’s me talking about fandom in Australia during that period.

The recording was made by FANAC, an organziation dedicated to preserving and recording the history and heritage of fandom. My presentation is only a part of the work that they are doing. Among other things they have built up a very large archive of historical fanzines that are available digitally, and more than a little of the presentation I gave was derived from research conducted on the FANAC website.

You can look at FANAC here.

The presentation goes for almost two hours so the folk at FANAC have broken it into two parts. You can find them in Part 1 and Part 2.

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