Models for March 2022

This month I completed three models. The most complicated of them was this Consolidated LB30 which is something I’ve wanted to make for some time to add to my collection of Qantas Empire Airways aircraft. Making this involved major surgery to the old Crown 1/144 Consolidated B-24 which involved new nose and tail and new engines. These were taken from a couple of Roden AC-47 kits that I picked up cheap. Also involved was a lot of filler and elbow grease.

Almost as complicated in its own way was an out-of-the-box build of the ancient Frog Bleriot XI which has been reboxed and reissues more times than most people can remember – have a look in Scalemates to see this kit’s various guises. I’ve written this up in some Workbench Notes that are now available over in The Little Aviation Museum.

Almost as light relief I also completed Adrien Roy’s 1/72 kit of the Farman 380. This was a fairly simple and easy build in comparison to the others, but it’s a full resin kit so it’s not something to undertaken too lightly.

For more information about these, and the other nine models that I’ve added to The Small Aviation Museum feel free to go and have a look at the latest blog which gives links to them all.

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