Models for May 2022

Unlike previous months when I’ve presented photos of my most recent models and then some oldies, now that I’ve got The Little Aviation Museum up and running I only need to show pictures of the recently completed ones. To see other models made by me and my friends have a look in the galleries of The Little Aviation Museum.

To begin with, here is one that I’ve refurbished rather than a complete new build. I wanted to improve this Frsin 1/144 model of the Short Sandringham and give it some Hawkeye Qantas decals so I stripped it back to almost bare resin and started again, first filling in the many little bubbles in the resin that I hadn’t done previously. The paint is SMS Aluminum which I’m becoming quite attached to.

I’m quite partial to tanks, particularly French tanks, but I don’t make models of too many of them because there are too many interesting and attractive aircraft models to make. Recently, however, Ace have released kits of four or five more French AFV’s and I’ve given into temptation. The Ace 1/72 AMX Mk.61 is not an easy kit to put together but I finally got there with the use of a lot of patience and harsh language. I don’t mind weathering tanks and had a fair go on this model.

This Frsin 1/144 SNCASE Armagnac is a rather large model because it was a large aircraft for its day. The kit lacks a bit of detail in comparison to injection moulded kits in the same scale but this is the only kit of the Armagnac and I doubt that there will ever be another one, so we cope with it. The only area that could do with some improvement is the engines and I’ve only just discovered that there are resin aftermarket engines that might fit, but it’s too late for that now.

I needed an Avro Lancastrian to help fill out my Qantas collection and Amodel offer one in 1/144, in QEA livery too. It’s a version of the Amodel series of Lancaster kits but with additional fuselage halves to make the Lancastrian. It’s probably quite a good and accurate kit but it annoyed me a great deal with its tiny parts and details. I already had a set of the Hawkeye decals for the QEA livery and used them instead of the kit ones, and was not disappointed.

4 thoughts on “Models for May 2022

  1. Hi Leigh, Could you please add where you got your kits from and if from a shop – how much you paid. Love your work but the parking at the Museum is a virtual night mare. Pun intended. Thanks – Frank.


  2. Good grief Frank. Do people keep records of what they bought and how much it cost? Not this modeller, for sure. i can tell you that I bought them all from Hannants, currently the Sandringham costs about $60 and the Armagnac $115.


    1. Thanks for the info. If I can use your webpage to brag – I finally picked up the Dynavector 1/48 Skyshark, Sea Vixen and Wyvern plus the Cooper Details Westland Whirlwind. Watching your webpage closely for tips and techniques before I start them. I’ve learnt a lot from your articles. Thanks for that.


      1. I hope those Dynavector kits turn out well, they have good reputations but I imagine they are going to be some hard work to make good models. I’m a bit alarmed that you’re looking to me for tips and techniques, I’m just an average modeller. I’m what they would call old-school, the only advantage I’ve got is that I’ve been at it a long time so I’ve picked up a bit of experience along the way


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