Models for July

The builder has taken his sign away and the renovations are complete, so normal service might be being resumed. Only two new models this month, lots of other things need doing too.

The first is the new Welsh Models deHavilland Drover in 1/144. You can get this one in both QF and TN livery so I got both and started on the QF one the day it arrived. This is far from being the best kit I’ve ever put together but it is a Drover and I’m happy with that. I’ve written the build up for the Modellers of Ballarat newsletter and will put it in the next issue of The Little Aviation Museum newsletter too. Catch it there if you are interested.

The Interesting Modelling Company held a group build for Matchbox May and I started on the old Matchbox Dassault Mystere IVA. It’s not a bad kit – for an old Matchbox kit – but I decided to make some improvements and fill in some of the more obvious trench work and, what with one thing and another, I missed the end of May deadline by a month. Despite this, it doesn’t look too bad dressed up in some Xtreme Metal Aluminum and Model Art decals.

Here are some I made earlier, most of them much earlier.

I made this KP MiG in 1998. It’s the old issue KP kit, not the new one. It was okay for its time but the new kit makes this one look fairly awful. However this one has East German markings which makes it interesting.

I also made this Revell 1/72 Fokker D.VII in 1998 and the white hasn’t yellowed too badly in the following 24 years. This is the scheme that Herman Goring flew in and is much easier to execute than a typical lozenge scheme.

Also from 1998 comes this ancient Frog Focke Wulf Ta154H-1. Any suggestions for a better Ta154H in 1/72 which is better than this rudimentary kit.

Finally the Airfix 1/144 Apollo Saturn 1b, which I completed in 1997. I reckon it might be time to have another go at this one too.

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