Models for September 2022

It’s been a slow period in my model building, what with the mundane realities of life and the time spent working to get The Little Aviation Museum up to speed. It also seems to be a small scale season with most of my effort going into 1/144 aircraft.


Welsh Models 1/144 Breguet Atlantic 1
This is the second of a packet of kits I got from Welsh Models a couple of months ago, with another four or so to go. These are not super detailed kits with the minimum number of parts to create a good model, but not an exceptional one. That is up to you, if you like that kind of thing .I made a few little additions and corrections, but nothing severe. I like the stout look of the Atlantic and an happy to be able to include this in my 1/144 collection.

Airfix 1/144 deHavilland Comet 3B
It was ‘Airfix August’ according to the Interesting Modelling Company so I joined in. Actually I found I had three old Airfix Comets in my collection and started work on all of them, but only this one was completed by the end of the month. The only significant modification to turn the Airfix Comet 4B into this 3B was to take a small chunk out of the forward fuselage. The decals came from a Welsh Models decal set. I’ve written this one up as a Workbench Note over at The Little Aviation Museum.


Ace 1/72 Yak-38
I made this one in 2005 and it still looks very nice. It went together fairly easily straight out of the box. There’s a Workbench Note on this one if you are interested.

KP 1/72 MiG-15
This one was made in 2008 and was, as I recall, something of an experimental in polished metalic finishes. What it showed me was that I needed to improve my technique, which I still have to do.

Hobby Boss 1/72 Turkish Morane Saulnier 406
Around 2013 I was making sets of the French fighters at the beginning of World War II. This included aircraft that ended up in the air forces of other nations, of which Turkey was one. This is not a bad kit, but the more recent RS Models kits are far better.

Mach 2 Sud Ouest Trident II
Lots of people are very critical of Mach 2 kits but you have to admit that they make kits of some aircraft that nobody has made, or is ever likely to. So if you want a model of this 1950s French experimental aircraft there is only one option, so I did the best I could with what was in the box.

As you can see, it’s all 1/144 around here. The work has been focused on getting the Airfix Comets completed and the other two of them I’ve been working on are just about ready for the paint shop. The bigger A.330 has already been to the paint shop and only needs the fuselage to be painted before it’s completed. New to the works is the little Welsh Models 1/144 Boeing 247, a kit I’ve been waiting for for eons. I’m also pottering along on a MPM Wirraway and contemplating an Xtrakit Meteor F.8 for the Model Geeks ‘MiG killer’ group build.

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