Models for October 2022

It’s been a 1/144 kind of month with two airliners completed and another two that almost made it to the finishing line.

Boeing 247D in 1/144 by Welsh Models
A Boeing 247 in 1/144 has been at the top of my shopping list for many years and, finally, here is one. This Welsh Models kit goes together relatively easily and without too much fuss. It does need some work and filler and sanding, but nothing your average modeller couldn’t do in their sleep. The only contentious issue is what colour it should be painted, and I did a lot of thinking and picture gazing in the hope of getting it right. It came off okay, but not quite as good as I had hoped.

DeHavilland Comet 4B in 1/144 by Airfix
Here’s the second in the series of three deHavilland Comets I’ll be making. Apart from the ending intakes and exhausts, which are a bit of a story, the kit was made straight out of the box with no difficulty. The kit decals are easily disposed of and for this BEA livery I used the TwoSix decal sheet which went on nicely. The main paints were SMS metalic Luminum and Tamiya rattle can Bright Red and Pure White.


Westland Lysander I in 1/72 by Matchbox
I’m really digging back into my ancient past this time. First is the Matchbox 1/72 Westland Lysander which I made in 1979. (I put this on the display table at the MoB’s most recent meeting and it turned out to be older than some of the members there.)

Douglas F4D-1 in 1/72 by Airfix
This is not one of Airfix’s most impressive kits, the reason the wings are folded is to make the model look more interesting and decent that it otherwise would. This is one of the models I made during my AMS period which I survived, fortunately.

Focke Wulf Fw190A-3 in 1/72 by Matchbox
This model shows that I have no shame when it comes to showing my old models. I made it in 1991 but I clearly has other things on my mind when I was making this model. (At the MoB meeting there was some discussion about what mark of Fw190 this might be, and although Matchbox said it was an A-3 the general consensus among the Fw190 experten there is that it might be an early F model.)

Junkers Ju52/3m in 1/72 by Airfix
I’m fairly proud of this model that I made in 1998, having made something that looks presentable out of the Airfix kit, which was probably old enough to vote by the time I made it. I read somewhere that this is still the best kit of the Ju52 in many ways, but I’m not likely to put that to the test, having made this one.


The Comet 4 and A.330 were almost to the decaling stage but I was not happy with the paint work so it’s back into the repair shop for them for some touch up work and maybe a complete repaint if it comes to that. Having enjoyed making Welsh Models’ 1/144 kits of late so I could not wait to get started on this SP-2H Neptune. The odd one out is the 1/72 MPM Wirraway which is rough little kit, which I will attempt to turn into something a little bit more attractive to what I found in the box.

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