2 thoughts on “The Curator’s Choice 37 – French Fighters in Foreign Service

  1. Hi Leigh I just wanted to write to thank you for your blogs, newsletters and galleries, which I have enjoyed greatly.

    In particular, we share a deep interest in French aircraft of WW2. I also have an interest in the French military generally of that period: my first trip overseas in 1980 included a week of exploring the crossing points along the Meuse River which the Germans used to such great effect in May 1940.

    I live in Melbourne but I could plausibly visit Ballarat – my now ex-manager (I recently retired) lives east of Ballarat and would be delighted to catch up with you anywhere convenient for you.

    I wondered also if you might be prepared to sell small quantities of the paints which you have gone to such pains to have mixed?

    I particularly avidly followed your discussions about appropriate colours for French aircraft. I ended up buying the MiG colours, the Vallejo range and the Hanaka. Amazingly, many of the Humbrol tinlets of various relevant colours I bought in the very early 1970s appear to have survived. However, using paints which give off such strong vapours is problematic because my house is totally open apart from the bedrooms and bathrooms.

    To counter this I bought a proper airbrush booth with window exhaust. Unfortunately I have had to have cataract surgery, so I won’t be using the airbrush for a couple of weeks.

    All the best.

    Nigel Brand


    1. Thanks for your very encouraging comments. I enjoy doing this so I’m pleased that you like it too.
      Anyone who likes French aviation is someone I’d be happy to meet and chat with. Let’s do it some day. My times are a bit complicated but I’m sure we can organize something.
      I can let you have some of my French paint, but you realize it’s lacquer and therefore the smelly kind. I have a paint booth arrangement in our garage so it’s no problem for me, but it might be for you.
      Welcome to the world of people who’ve had cataract surgery. It’s worth it despite the short period of inconvenience.
      If you’d like to continue the conversation message me on my Facebook page and we can go on from there.


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