Models for December 2022

DeHaviland Comet 4 in 1/144 by Airfix with Hawkeye decals
You will have known, of course, the The Interesting Modelling Company encuraged us to make an Airfix kit under the banner of Airfix August. Then, because we are all slow builders, they extended it to Airfix Autumn (which worked oksy in the Northern Hemisphere but not so well in the South). I missed out on making three Airfix DeHavilland Comets in three months by only a couple of days. This final one, a Comet 4, was converted from a standard Comet 4B kit by shortening the fuselage and adding new wings with the tanks in the leading edges. The decals come from Hawkeye and represent a BOAC Comet 4 wet leased to Qantas some time in the period between 1959 and 1963

Airbus A.320 (QantasLink) in 1/144 by Zvezda with Hawkeye decals
These decals are new from Hawkeye and an example of what current day decals can look like. The kit is straight out of the box and is a relatively easy build. The decals will also fit onto the Revell 1/144 Airbus A.320 but I find the Zvezda kit preferable and easier to find these days.

Airbus A.320 (Air Australia) in 1/72 by Zvezda with Hawkeye decals
Here is another set of new decals from Hawkeye and is also excellent. The only really challenging part of this building this kit is the engine pods which require some really skillful airbrushing, which is not my modelling forte. Still, they turned out okay.


Boeing 737-500 (LOT) in 1/144 modified from Revel and Minicraft kits with Two Six decals
This is one of nine or more models I made of all the Boeing 737 variants using the wings from the Minicraft kit and the shortened Revell fuselage.

BAC Lightning F.1 in 1/72 by Trumpeter with Modeldecal decals
This is one of many Lightnings you are likely to see in the future because I made a lot of them back in the 2010s. This one represents XM139 of the Leuchars Target Facilities Flight in 1967.

Mil Mi-26 in 1/72 by Southern Front
I made this whopped back in 2008 and it is so huge and fragile that it rarely comes out of its box for fear of getting damaged.


Here’s another A.330-300, this one will end up being a freighter. The Welsh Models 1/144 Lockheed Neptune is coming along nicely, isn’t it tiny in comparison to the A.330?

I’m not a great participator in group builds but two have caught my interest recently, mainly because they will encourage me to make a couple of RAAF aircraft that have been on my mind to make. The Model Geeks Podcast are having a ‘MiG Killer’ group build for their display at next year’s IPMS Nationals and I thought a RAAF Meteor F.8 with a couple of MiGs on the nose might go well there. At the same time the Model Airplane Maker is having a ‘Pacific Build’, I’ve been putting off making a RAAF Hudson for years and here is the inspiration to build it. Let’s see how I go with these two.

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