Netflix Notes

By way of introduction. The evening activities around here involve some tv watching, mostly streaming from Netflix. I thought I’d make some notes occasionally on some of what we watch so I don’t forget it all completely             Blackhat is a movie that appeared on Netflix after having been around for a while. They must … More Netflix Notes

Trawling old Newszines

(April 2021, originally in ANZAPA 320)               For my sins – and they must have been serious infractions for me to be doing this – I’ve spent the past three or four weeks trawling the newszines that have been scanned and saved on the website.  There are an awful lot of them.               There … More Trawling old Newszines

For Whom the Cash Register Rings – the origins of Australia’s ‘Two Airline Policy’

While rummaging around in the hidden recesses of my computer I came across this article that I put together in June 2001. It is about how the Australian civil aviation industry came to have what was called the ‘Two Airline Policy’ which controlled the development of Australian air transport for four decades from the beginning … More For Whom the Cash Register Rings – the origins of Australia’s ‘Two Airline Policy’

iOTA 19

Here is the latest issue of iOTA. This one is mainly about science fiction fandom in Sydney from the late 1940s to the early 1950s and includes a draft of my history written about that period.

iOTA 18

Here is the next issue of iOTA, my little fanzine about the project to research and write the history of fandom in Australia up until 1975. In includes a lot of Lee Harding’s early fannish writing and the first chapter in draft to be written for this history which tells the story of Melbourne fandom … More iOTA 18