Scott Parade Walk

Here’s one of my favourite early morning walks. It’s not particularly difficult or picturesque but it is nice and open and appeals to my sadistic streak. If I time it right I will be out enjoying the morning environment while a train load of passengers begins the trip down to Melbourne, no doubt packed in and destined for a day of drudgery in the office down there. Usually I only see only one train on this walk but, since I was wandering along more focused on looking at and taking pictures of the scenery than getting my heart rate up, I caught two trains going down to Melbourne and one coming up on this occasion.

If I don’t feel particularly energetic I can cut the walk short and go over the Stawell Street footbridge, or continue on to the road bridge, which I did on this occasion. From this bridge I can return home either along Victoria Street, the Specimen Vale Creek or Eureka Street, but this time my camera battery went flat just as I was about to cross the railway line.


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