Fussell Street Walk

This Walk along Fussell Street and then back along Eureka Street is not one of the longest or most visually interesting, but it is a good one for getting the heart rate up. After a brisk walk along Balmoral Drive you cross Fussell Street and walk to your right along the bike and walking path. On your left is a pine forest, which virtually marks the boundary of Ballarat to the east, and Fussill Street on your right. Although the road is fairly flat the path is not and there are three or four steep inclines to be negotiated, which can be a test is you are walking at any speed (stopping to take photos along the way this time made it less challenging).

At the end of the track is a little concrete bridge over a small creek coming out of the forest that then flows under the road and through some open land down to Charlesworth Street. This is the source of Specimen Vale Creek, which we will come across again, no doubt.

The walk back along Eureka Street is fairly leisurely. The street runs along a ridge with Specimen Vale Creek on the right and another creek on the left (which we will get to later), so there are some interesting vistas if you care to peer down people driveways. On the left as you turn into Eureka Street is the Men’s Shed, the rest is more or less suburban. This street takes us back to the park celebrating the Eureka uprising and a turn to the right takes us back past the swimming pool and the caravan part to Hemsley Park.

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