Models for April 2023

I didn’t get much worthwhile modelling done this past month which has personally been terrible. My computer hard disk crashed, I contracted covid and my partner of more than fifty years died unexpectedly. It’s not that I didn’t spend time at the bench, it’s just that nothing much worthwhile resulted.

Gloster Meteor F.8 in 1/72 by Airfix
This model is a contribution to The Model Geeks ‘MiG Killer’ build. I plan to make more models of RAAF aircraft this year and the only Australian aircraft I could think of that had been involved in shooting down a MiG was this Meteor F.8 Flown by Sergeant Hale of 77 Squadron, RAAF, during the Korean War. I was also curious to see what the new Airfix Meteor was like and it is very good. I had plenty of problems in getting this model completed but they were mainly due to ‘operator error’. The only Aussie Decals I used were those specific for this aircraft, the rest came from the kit decals. I was not looking forward to having to apply all the stenciling on the decal sheet but I could not see much stenciling on the real aircraft so happily ignored almost all the stenciling drudgery.


I’m not a great fan of the Gloster Meteor but I discovered that I’ve made another three Meteor models over the years. My fevered covid brain decided that I may as well show them to you too.

Gloster Meteor F.1 in 1/72 by Dragon
I made this model in 2016. This was at the beginning of my dalliance with acrylic paint, which did not last very long. I could have tried out these paints on something more common like a Spitfire or Hurricane but the shape of the first Meteor is interesting and I wanted to see what it looked like in three dimensional space.

Gloster Meteor F.4 in 1/72 by Frog
I made this model in 1998. It was given to me by a friend as a bag full of plastic pieces and it took an evening or two to put it together. I’m pretty sure that this was painted in Humbrol 11 which has stood up fairly well.

Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF.14
I made this model in 2014. You’d think that, since I’d been making models for decades by then, that I’d have made a better fist of this model. I have no idea what went wrong with that cockpit canopy. However, since I’m not likely to see another Matchbox kit of this aircraft at a reasonable price I’ll keep this one.


BAC Lightning F.1 in 1/72 by Trumpeter
It is not difficult to convert the Trumpeter Lightning F.1A into the earlier F.1. Add some after-market decals and the result if a nice looking representation of a very early 74 Squadron Lightning.

Boeing PB-1W in 1/72 converted from the Hasegawa kit
What’s not to like about a big Dark Sea Blue US Navy Flying Fortress?

Boeing 737-100 in 1/144 by Airfix and Revell
This model was made using the flying surfaces and engines of an Airfix kit and a modified fuselage from a Revell kit. Add in some Hawkeye decals and you get a model of the airliner that Ansett used to break into the New Zealand market.

Lockheed F-117A in 1/72 by Academy/Minicraft
This model represents one of the most uninteresting looking aircraft ever made. The kit itself is simplicity, as is the colour scheme, but making this model shows that the F-117 is not a small aircraft.

Republic F-84F in 1/72 by Italeri
This kit is now fifty years old and suffers from many of the problems that old kits have, such as raised panel lines and poor cockpit. Nevertheless, the Carpena decals of this French aircraft make it look very attractive.

There’s not much going on at the moment. The VS-44 requires a lot of masking, which is taking time and driving me nuts. I started the F-104 to give me something simple to work on but progress has still been slow there too. I’m thinking of painting it in the South East Asia camouflage scheme just to give me a break from all the silver aircraft.

5 thoughts on “Models for April 2023

  1. Hi Leigh I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, my condolences to you. My friend Mal Wright, author and painter, lost his partner not long ago. My Mum and stepfather have both had COVID, a bug I’m managed to avoid so far. I hope you recover quickly.

    I’m hoping you will still feel able to attend the event on the 16th where I’m hoping to meet you.

    Best wishes

    Nigel Brand


    1. Thanks for your support Nigel. Life has been tough for a lot of people these past few years, hasn’t it?
      I’m planning to be at the Modellers of Ballarat Display Day and I’m starting to work out which models I’m going to take to put on display. Anything special you have in mind? Look forward to seeing you there.



      1. Hi Leigh
        I would enjoy seeing your early war French models particularly, and any other early war models, so Luftwaffe, Polish, Belgian, Dutch, Norwegian, British, Finns, Soviets. My personal scope is aircraft in service or flying as prototypes before 31 May 1940 in Europe. That covers a lot of interesting aircraft, and bypasses the later war hordes of American aircraft and also excludes the war in China.

        In addition to my plastic models, I possess a number of relevant diecasts.

        I was recently chuffed to obtain a copy of the very rare Planet 1/72 model of the SNCASE SE.100, and then by accident a second one. Am wondering what to do with the second. It was a brilliant aircraft.

        My second scope is the aircraft flown by the W E Johns character Biggles (and his mates). That includes the more common mid to late WW1 aircraft named in the books, a variety of fairly obscure inter-war planes, then some fairly standard RAF WW2 aircraft. I was intrigued to find, some years ago, that there is a group of devotees who already have quite an extensive database of aircraft in a Wiki, so I have been adapting that.

        My final scope is 1/144 scale aircraft used in the miniatures games Flames of War and Team Yankee.

        All the best

        Nigel Brand


      2. Your wish is command! More or less. As well as putting all my recently made models on display I’m also putting together a collection of 25 or 30 aircraft that first flew between 1935 and 1940 in pre-war or early war markings. Thanks for the suggestion.
        I’ve made the Planet SNCASE SE100 you mention. It is truly a gorgeous kit.


  2. Hi Leigh Unfortunately I may not make it to Ballarat tomorrow. For unclear reasons my left hip is playing up very badly and I can barely stand, less walk far. I’ll see how it feels in the morning, but if I don’t make it, my apologies. I’ve never had anything like this before in my left hip, although my right one was replaced in 2017, so I’m a bit alarmed.

    All the best.

    Nigel Brand


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